Jewellery inspired by Autumn

So it seems that after a wonderfully long warm summer Autumn is now poking its head around the corner and scattering the ground with the last of the coloured leaves.

And with the season comes fun reasons to celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day. Thinking about giving jewellery as a gift? Make a lasting impression on a loved one with the personal touch of birthstone jewellery gifts.

The autumn birthstones cover the months of March, April and May. The birthstones for the Autumn months are as follows:

March: Aquamarine

April: Diamond

May: Emerald

Each gem stone has a symbolism that influenced its selection for the month it represents. The idea is that a birthstone’s meaning also represents aspects of a person born in the corresponding month, much like zodiac sign characteristics.

People with Autumn birthdays will be interested in learning about autumn birthstones. Birthstone symbolism has intrigued people for generations. The birthstones for the autumn months have fascinating histories and lore that will appeal to those searching for a meaningful birthday gift.

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Cape Town Diamond Museum

If you are a Cape Toneion or happen to be in the Cape Town area, go have a look at the Cape Town Diamond Museum.

Situated in the bustling heart of the world- famous Clock Tower precinct and Gateway to Robben Island at the Waterfront, the Cape Town Diamond Museum pays tribute to the world’s most precious gem, the diamond. Witness a 3 billion year old story unfold from a diamond’s formation to the final polished stone.

The Cape Town Diamond Museum is a non- profit organisation dedicated to creating a new appreciation for diamonds. A gift from Shimansky to the city of Cape Town.

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The pieces selected included: two pairs of 9- carat gold, sterling silver and seed pearl detail earrings from the Pretty collection – one featuring blue topaz and one citrine – which were inspired by royalty from the Victorian era; and an 18-carat white gold, cultured pearl and diamond earring and necklace set from the jeweller’s Bespoke collection.

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A jewellery store in New Zealand, Tory & Ko, has been thrust into the limelight after supplying earrings and a necklace to the Duchess of Cambridge. The jewellers supplied four pieces for the Duchess of Cambridge to wear on the royal tour.

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