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We Buy Jewellery

Visit Gold & Finance, South Africa’s top jewellery buyers since 1992, should you wish to
dispose of your jewellery and convert it into immediate cash.

If you are thinking about down scaling, do not have anyone to pass your jewellery on to,
divorcing, or simply need cash, it is time to sell your jewellery to Gold & Finance.

We would be honoured to assess the value of your gold jewellery, gold and diamond
jewellery, diamonds, platinum jewellery, silver jewellery, designer jewellery, traditional
jewellery, unwanted jewellery, hand crafted jewellery, estate jewellery and coins set in

We are highly recommended by industry stakeholders and existing customers. Take
advantage of our no obligation, free of charge, assessment of your jewellery. Allow us
to make an offer for your jewellery in a friendly, secure environment of style, discretion,
elegance and professionalism.

Should you require more information regarding the selling of your jewellery or
information relating to our collateral loans, please contact one of our countrywide

When selling your Jewellery, take note of the following:

At Gold & Finance, our jewellery appraisers are qualified diamond graders and
gemologists with GIA and EGL Diplomas.
Your jewellery buyer must have integrity and skill in order to give you an appropriate
price for your valuable jewellery. We at Gold & Finance have both. We will provide you
with factual information as we value our integrity and professionalism.

At Gold & Finance jewellery can be assessed and valued in its setting by a professional
jewellery appraiser. There is no need to remove stones from their settings. Please
beware of having a dealer remove your diamonds and gemstones from their settings as
they can be damaged in this process. This will affect the value of your jewellery.