Collateral Loans Against Jewellery

In 2006 South Africa made it possible for the consumer to have access to Collateral Financing in a regulated fashion, through the establishment of the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Gold & Finance are proud to have been granted a Certificate of Membership for the Collateral Financing service, which means Gold & Finance offers collateral loans against jewellery and in accordance to the National Credit Regulator act of South Africa.

Everyone experiences a cash flow problem at one time or another. In the United States, Europe and in South Africa, high profile personalities have openly publicised the occasional visit to their personal ‘Financier’.

Gold & Finance provides a collateral loan service using Gold Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Gold and Diamond Jewellery, Diamonds set in Jewellery, Designer Jewellery, Traditional Jewellery, Unwanted Jewellery, Fine Watches, Antique Jewellery, Gold Coins, Fine Art, Estate Jewellery, Coins set in Jewellery and Handcrafted Jewellery, to obtain a quick, hassle-free collateral loan.

Gold & Finance is recommended by various jewellery industry stakeholders, should you require more information on how to take a Collateral Loan, contact one of our countrywide branches.

Collateral - gold bracelet
Collateral - fine watch
Collateral - diamonds
Collateral - diamond ring

How Our Collateral Loans Work

Your Jewellery will be examined by one of our skilled Appraisers and an amount will be offered to you as a loan. You will be required to fill in a legal ‘Pledge Form’ which includes the Gold & Finance Terms and Conditions and a breakdown of all fees and interest due.
Your Jewellery will be sealed in your presence with our own Gold & Finance Jewellery security bag and all bags are allocated with a unique identity seal number for security purposes and your peace of mind that your jewellery is secure and tamper proof. Your Jewellery is stored in Vaults and not on our premises. Once the pledged with Gold & Finance is settled, with 24-hour notice and bring along your original pledge document to collect your valuables.

We have clients that have used their same jewellery for the last 25 years repeatedly to help with a quick and easy loan.

Please note that we do not blacklist our clients. If you are blacklisted and have jewellery, we can assist you with a loan.
Should you require more information on the selling of your jewellery or on a Collateral Loan contact one of our countrywide branches.

What Our Clients Say

Awesome Service!

“I felt compelled to write a note to you to congratulate you on your most professional and customer service oriented staff. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, I have never encountered such a high level of service, Thanks once again.”

— J.A.

Most Impressed!

“I’m most impressed with your impeccable follow-up. Thank you for making good on your promises, you have a loyal customer.”

— L.K.

Friendly Service!

“From start to finish, the whole process has been perfectly painless and thanks again for the outstanding attentiveness and friendly service, especially Liesl Ubsdell.”

— J.Y.