How long does the assessment of the jewellery take?

The assessments take no longer than 15 minutes, depending on the number of items.

How do I know my items will be safe?

No jewellery is kept on the premises. All is sent to a safe custody vault at the bank.

Can I extend a loan after its expiry date?

Yes you can.

Will all my information remain private?

Yes, no personal information is revealed to third parties.

What is the method of payment?

Either by cheque or EFT.

Does my jewellery have to be taken away to be assessed?

All deals are conducted in front of you and are transparent.

Do you need to remove diamonds from their settings to determine a value?

There is no need for your stones to be removed from their setting, all our appraisers are qualified to assess the stones within the setting and without causing any damage.

Can I bring in broken jewellery?

Yes, we buy jewellery in its original or damage form.

What do you offer loans on?

We offer loans on all gold and diamond jewellery, silver jewellery, platinum jewellery and all gold, silver and platinum coins.

How will my jewellery be valued?

The items metal, precious and semi precious stones will be assessed as well as its overall appearance.

Do you have parking in your building?

Yes we have parking available for your convenience.

Are you accredited with the NCR?

We are a proud member of the NCR.

Does the person evaluating my jewellery have the required qualifications?

All appraisers have been sent on the relevant courses, please feel free to take a look at the credentials page.

What documents do I need to bring with to conduct the deal?

All that is required is your Green ID book or Drivers License

Are your gold prices set daily?

As the gold price fluctuates daily, new prices are set to ensure that you get value for your items.

Do you do evaluations for insurance purposes?

No, we evaluate jewellery based on the second hand industry and not replacement value.

Can you come out and assess my jewellery at my home or office?

All deals are conducted in our secure and discreet environment as all our equipment is in our offices.

Do you buy loose diamonds?

We are happy to assist you with all diamonds that have been cut and polished. Should they be certified diamonds you can bring the certificate along, alternatively one of our appraisers can determine the stones 4C’s.

How to sell your unwanted gold and diamonds?

When selling your jewellery all deals are conducted in front of you, take no longer than 15-20 minutes and are obligation free. When assessing your jewellery we take the items carat, weight, diamonds or gemstones as well as the items overall appeal into consideration when offering an amount. We can also assist with damaged or broken jewellery.

How to obtain a loan?

When pledging your items we assess your jewellery in the same professional manor taking into consideration the carat, weight, diamonds or gemstones as well as the items overall appeal. The different fee structures for the various amounts are highlighted as well as the duration of the contract. The terms and conditions are explained in detail and the necessary documents are then completed.

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