We Buy Diamonds

Gold & Finance buys diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Gold & Finance will assess your stone based on the diamond’s 4C’s which are Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour. This enables us to give you an accurate trade price, where you can be reassured that you are getting a great price.

Diamond - cuts

If you have diamonds set in a setting already, do not worry as our qualified and highly trained appraisers can establish the cut, clarity, carat and colour, without taking the stone out of the setting and diamonds need not be certified as Gold & Finance will be able to evaluate your diamonds.

We pay for round brilliant cut diamonds

Diamond - diagram

A Round brilliant cut characteristics has an even pattern of bright and dark areas and scores in the top category for all grade-setting determinants.

Over the years our gemologist’s and professional jewellery appraisers have found that a round brilliant cut diamond is easier to sell than fancy shapes, but if you do not know what your cut, colour and clarity is and do not have the certified document Gold & Finance will establish the value, make you an offer and we will get the diamonds certified. Most of the diamonds that we trade in are set in rings, bracelets and pendants.

When you need to sell your diamonds or diamond Jewellery, Gold & Finance is your trusted Diamond and Diamond Jewellery Buyer in South Africa, striving towards offering you the best possible price for your valuables, without any obligation to you and free of charge we will be privileged to assess the value of your Diamonds and make an offer to you, in a friendly, secure atmosphere of style, discretion, elegance and professionalism.
Should you require more information on the selling of your diamonds or on a Collateral Loan contact one of our countrywide branches.

Did You Know?

The 1867 discovery of diamonds in the Cape Colony, South Africa, radically modified not only the world’s supply of diamonds but also the conception of them. As annual world diamond production increased more than tenfold in the following 10 years, a once extremely rare material became accessible to Western society with its growing wealth. Today South Africa maintains its position as a major diamond producer.

How did the CARAT system start?

The name comes from the seeds of the Caraob Mediterranean tree, which were originally used as the standard of weighing precious stones. Early gem traders used these uniform small seeds as counterweights to balance their scales and nowadays the carat gram weight is the same weights in every corner of the world.

We Know our Diamonds

Diamond - inner diagram

Diamonds are renowned for their ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely. A diamond’s cut grade is about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light.
Precise artistry and workmanship are required to fashion a stone so its proportions, symmetry and polish deliver the magnificent return of light only possible in a diamond.